|  Mission and Strategic Goals
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Mission and Strategic Goals

Mission Statement: To safeguard the lives of all people within the jurisdiction of Hood College, protecting property and assisting in securing all persons equal protection within the law.

Strategic Goal Statement: Our goal is to provide to each of our community members the most effective service and protection within our means by making them aware of all that the Campus Safety Department has to offer.

Goal 1: Be approachable, creative, and resourceful to all faculty, staff and students alike. Understand and practice the virtues of tolerance, patience and compassion by providing good customer service.

Goal 2: Continue to inform the Hood College community of the department’s functions, services and resources by verbal engagement.

Goal 3: To seek training and professional development opportunities that would be beneficial to the interactions between the Campus Safety Department and the community.

Goal 4: Continue being visible pro-active deterrents to negative behaviors.

Goal 5: Continue to make positive long lasting relationships within the Hood Community.